(Archived) Database Administrator
Details about Database Administrator:
Industry: Technology
Positions: 2
Term: Internship
Salary: Other (Inquire Within)
Amount: $0.00
Posted: 6/13/2019

A database administrator oversees all accounts, knowing how to work AWS and other cloud computing solutions that are being used in our daily operations and to troubleshoot any potential problems. Identify hacking, breaking of the site, problems with login, work with front-end and backend developer to maintain log-in issues. Database Administrator also maintains overall integrity of accounts, and should be able to detect any anomalies within accounts. We are looking specifically for college students. This position is eligible to receive recommendation letters and college research credit.

Job Requirements:
  • • Know how to search and troubleshoot queries
  • • Deep understanding of databases
  • • Have a good understanding of how git works

65 Boulevard Ave., United States, Greenlawn, 11740

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