Details about IT Internship:
Industry: Technology
Positions: 2
Term: Internship
Salary: Stipend
Amount: $600.00
Posted: 11/14/2018

This internship is designated for those applicants who want to learn about Laravel and use it for their upcoming projects. You;d be tasked with a couple of projects, so we can see your current learning curve. You'll also be responsible in helping build programs such as: - Passport for our API - Javascript for browser side functions - HTML / CSS for styling and front-end work

Job Requirements:

  • Attend meetings, be available for discussions and submit your code on a timely basis.


12101 North Dale Mabry Highway, United States, Florida, 33618

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Thank you for your interest in this job position. We look forward to reviewing your portfolio's contents and seeing if it's a good fit for us!

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