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Details about React Native Developer:
Industry: Technology
Positions: 1
Term: Contractor
Salary: Monthly
Amount: $3,000.00
Posted: 12/18/2019

We are seeking a React Native Developer (intermediate - advanced level) where they can pick-up where we left on in the development of our mobile app. React Native covers both Android and iOS. ***We will not waste time on on training the developer on past and current React Native frameworks, and they should also know Laravel framework. This will be an accelerated development position as we get it ready for launching the app.

Job Requirements:
  • Must know intermediate to advanced React Native code. The contract will last for 2.5 months and will be an accelerated development using the JIT system (Just In Time). We host all of our meetings on where we will be having bi-weekly meetings for reports on development.
  • We will expect to receive samples of raw code from your previous projects to show your competency in React Native. ***We are only looking for developers in the Gainesville area, preferably someone who has graduated with a degree in computer science or has extensive coding experience.
  • Must know Laravel framework, must know React Native and understand both iOS and Android compatibility. Iphone, Ipad and Android devices. Must know how to make responsive by connecting to the website, and resume where we left off by analyzing code given to you to help complete the app. More technical details will be issued to the developer if they are hired. Our software team will validate if you're a good fit. ***Do not send us a resume, upload information into your FlipSetter portfolio.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Have intermediate - advanced level of React Native. Preferably have at least 5 years of mobile app development experience.
Recommended Skills:
  • Have extensive experience with iOS and Android framework, know how to solve compatibility issues with Iphone, Android and Ipad. Know how to work with socket connections. We will provide the rest of the technical details after your portfolio is evaluated by our software team.

747 SW 2nd Ave, United States, Gainesville / FL, 32601

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Thank you for your interest in this job position. We look forward to reviewing your portfolio's contents and seeing if it's a good fit for us!

FlipSetter, Inc.
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