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FlipSetter, Inc.
Details about Social Media Blogger:
Industry: Other (Inquire Within)
Positions: 2
Term: Full-Time
Salary: Annually
Amount: $38,000
Posted: 6/4/2019

We are looking for a couple of social media bloggers who know how to make an impact on growth, society and can be influential to a lot of users and those people who are interested in learning more. Blogging is about telling stories to inspire, inform, educate and make everyone aware around you of what we're doing. Be insightful, have fun blogging and bring in the energy and interests that are needed to brand the FlipSetter and Knok Knok name. Blogging requires a great deal of marketing, research and understanding the history of what came to be, how it came to be and how we can do our own things.

Job Requirements:
  • - Strong writing skills with an advanced level of English, grammar skills, punctuation and writing mechanics
  • - Write research papers once a month to deliver what the current markets are showing us and how to alert our users of what's being offered by the competition
  • - Have a strong history background where dates, events and historical events from previous companies have helped shaped them to what they are now. Provide suggestions as to how the company can implement these ideas.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • - Have 5-10 years of social media and enterprise level blogging experience
  • - Have you been published or has your work been published before? We are interested in only those bloggers who have an established social media presence or a brand name
  • - Prolific writing skills, have published books, articles, journals or anything else in the past with a decent volume of readers / followers
Recommended Skills:
  • - English, punctuation, analytical writing skills, marketing and history
  • - If you speak more than one language i.e. Spanish, Arabic, Hindi or other then that could strengthen your portfolio
  • - Update your FlipSetter portfolio and show us your work. Your speaking skills, blogging skills and the ability to tell stories

12101 North Dale Mabry Highway, United States, Florida, 33618

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Thank you for your interest in this job position. We look forward to reviewing your portfolio's contents and seeing if it's a good fit for us!

FlipSetter, Inc.
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