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FlipSetter, Inc.
Details about Social Media Journalist:
Industry: Information Technology
Positions: 2
Term: Part-Time
Salary: Monthly
Amount: $6500
Posted: 4/15/2019

FlipSetter is heavy on social media, trends, flippant markets and the ability to adapt to change. As a journalist, you'd be researching weekly and submitting reports to the team based off our interests in the markets and with the categories that we specify. You can research Bloomberg, Google, Yahoo Finance, WSJ, Barrons and any other place that you find that the sources would be best fit. ***Articles that you find to include in your report will require citing, and you will also be asked to get in contact with the writers / editors of every article that you research, interview them and ask them to learn more about FlipSetter and see how it can apply to the marketing topics that they write about.

Job Requirements:
  • - Advanced level English skills with different backgrounds in writing: Analytical, scientific, research, expository and the ability to create press releases on the spot. - Prolific writer: Have demonstrated a strong sense of English, have been published and understand the mechanics of English.
  • - Strong understanding of grammar, syntax, punctuation and the ability to properly site sources use APA format. ***MLA format is not accepted - Have fluent communication skills to be able to deliver content upon reporting, and to be able to talk to prospective people when interviewing them on how to strengthen your articles.
  • - Each report should be at least 10 pages long which includes graphs, econometrics and trends. - Have intermediate experience with economics.
Recommended Skills:
  • - Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel - Being able to communicate effectively in crowds and in person on a professional scale

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Thank you for your interest in this job position. We look forward to reviewing your portfolio's contents and seeing if it's a good fit for us!

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