(Archived) Staff Engineer
FlipSetter, Inc.
Details about Staff Engineer:
Industry: Engineering
Positions: 3
Term: Internship
Salary: Monthly
Amount: $6500.00
Posted: 6/4/2019

As a staff engineer, you'd be utilizing your coding skills to help develop and improve our products and services to bring the best applications to our current and upcoming user base. Our applications require advanced level knowledge of coding skills because majority of our framework is custom build, meaning no use of free source from other places. Our top priorities are Quality Assurance, speed, delivery, cleanliness of deploying applications and to make sure they work on a plethora of devices and operating systems.

Job Requirements:
  • - Advanced understanding of Laravel (PHP framework) - Good understanding of how APIs, OAuth and Keys work to bring other tertiary websites back to FlipSetter as a "Log in with FlipSetter" system - Advanced Javascript, HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • - Attend weekly meetings via Google Hangouts - Brainstorm other unique ideas by researching what current trends are available and underserved markets
  • - A plus would be if you know how to operate Microsoft Azure and a intermediate understanding of Database Management
Preferred Qualifications:
  • - Have at least 10 years of coding experience - When you apply, you must be willing to share with us your "Source Code" from other projects and not the results
  • - We will give you a small test on how fast you can troubleshoot and correct certain coding errors - Be ready to share your FlipSetter portfolio. WE DO NOT LOOK AT RESUMES or other profiles.
Recommended Skills:
  • - Diversified coding languages - Being able to pick up other coding languages on the spot

12101 North Dale Mabry Highway, United States, Florida, 33618

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Thank you for your interest in this job position. We look forward to reviewing your portfolio's contents and seeing if it's a good fit for us!

FlipSetter, Inc.
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