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Social Media Journalist
Description: FlipSetter is heavy on social media, trends, flippant markets and the ability to adapt to change. As a journalist, you'd be researching weekly and submitting reports to the te...
Term: Part-Time Salary: Monthly Positions: 2
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Political Correspondent
Description: As a political correspondent it will be important to help advocate FlipSetter, and its products to impact the community on a positive scale. To advocate, you should be able to...
Term: Full-Time Salary: Annually Positions: 1
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Web Developer
Description: The web application developer is a full-stack developer with emphasis on front-end design and user experience but also responsible for back-end processing. This position requi...
Term: Contractor Salary: Monthly Positions: 1
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Backend Developer
Description: Job Description: Looking for an experienced backend developer that's also experienced with Laravel. This contract includes multiple projects. Must be experienced with JavaScri...
Term: Internship Salary: Stipend Positions: 2
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UI Tester
Description: The UI Tester helps our team test all of the front end parts of as well as anything that we have built on the mobile app front. This includes the look, layo...
Term: Internship Salary: Stipend Positions: 2