Michelle Liulama

I am a retired Army First Sergeant of 20+ years, a mother of two adult children; author, and the Founder of Mana o Toa Military Mentoring. Mana of Toa means Spirit of the Brave, in Samoan, and American Samoa is where I grew up at age five, after my parents divorced and my mother moved us there from Arlington, Texas. It was there that I learned the Samoan language and culture and joined the military after high school because Samoans are pro-military. It started from colonialism back in 1960 and today, most Samoans believe their sons and daughters should join the military because of the myriad of opportunities that the military provides. Mana o Toa provides long-term military mentors to our U.S. warriors for stability, continuity, and consistency from day 1 through separation / retirement. We provide career coaching, academic advising and transition services for our warriors and adult family members. I created Mana o Toa because I was so lost during my early years on active duty. I wanted to provide what I needed when I was a young soldier because it believe that a good mentor, in these formative years, can have a lasting positive impact on a member's life. Mana o Toa's mentors are retirees or active duty personnel from all military services and advisors have at least a Masters degree and are Adjunct Professors. Mana o Toa intends to grow to have at least a mentor, officer and enlisted, in each military service and/or branch so that we can advise our mentees with as much current information as possible.

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Miami University

Degree: Ph.D.
GPA/ Equivalent: 3.69
Timeframe: 08/04/2003 - 05/04/2007
Course Study: Education Administration
Graduated: yes

Mana o Toa Military Mentoring, LLC

Timeframe: 06/08/2020 - Current
Position: Founder/CEO

Manages all aspects of growing the organization.
Honors and Awards
Graduate Assistantship Award


Awards granted me paid tuition, Aug 2003-Apr 2007, and an $1800 stipend each term to teach a course, EDL 100, to undergraduate students.
United States Tennis Association

Timeframe: 08/08/2016 - 08/09/2021
Position: Member

Member of the local Alamo Professional Management Institute-Program Management Professional.
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Plays singles and doubles tennis.

Proficiency: Advanced

Moved to American Samoa at age 5 and learned the language and culture.
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Breast cancer survivor since 2019.