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FlipSetter, Inc. is the world's preeminent job search engine. We are a fusion of social media and job applications that can expand into many more innovative and proprietary applications such as: - Job Box (one-click job application system) : Post scholarships, part-time and full-time jobs, internships, research, volunteering and more customized options. - Portfolio (includes multimedia videos) : The perfect, digital companion for athletes, musicians, STEM, medical professionals, high school and college students. Now, you can take this digital timeline with you everywhere you go! The portfolio synchronizes with any job applications hosted by our Job Boxes which creates the one-click application experience. More applications to come, so stay tuned! Thank you for choosing FlipSetter for all of your business and education needs!

Technology / Software
Name Title
Software Director
Chairman / CEO
Mobile App Developer
Political Correspondent
Political Correspondent
Business and International Consultant
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Archived Job Postings
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Technology Full-Time Annually
Sports Scholarship Other (Inquire Within)
Information Technology Contractor Contracted
Technology Contractor Contracted
Technology Full-Time Annually
Technology Internship Stipend
Technology Internship Monthly
Technology Full-Time Monthly
Technology Contractor Contracted
Technology Internship Stipend
Accounting & Bookkeeping Volunteer Other (Inquire Within)
Technology Internship Stipend
Technology Internship Stipend
Technology Full-Time Annually
Accounting & Bookkeeping Internship Stipend
Information Technology Part-Time Monthly
Other Public Sector Full-Time Annually
Engineering Internship Monthly
Other (Inquire Within) Full-Time Annually
Technology Volunteer Other (Inquire Within)
Technology Contractor Monthly